Dr. Dolittle is a fairy tale created by a soldier during the World War I. The soldier liked to write stories to his children back home that masked the pain of what was happening. Some say he was inspired by a veterinarian who cared for many animals that were suffering while fighting in the war. The story goes that this doctor learned to talk with the animals and they trusted him to heal them. Some say his communication with the animals was by mimicking their sounds, barking to dogs, tweeting to birds. Other stories reveal that the communication was silent and done by feeling and sensing. This is an empathic connection with animals.

This empathic type of animal communication lets your dog to know when you turned down the street on your way home from work or tells them when they are going to the see the vet or get a bath!

We all relate to animals on some level. However, when you are trying to get a clearer message, you may want to contact a professional animal empath.


The reasons are as varied as our animal companions. That being said, a few of the reasons people have reached out include:

  • Addressing behaviors

  • Food issues

  • Asking about messages from beyond the grave (yes, I can work with deceased animals)

  • Emotions

  • To get a message to a pet

  • To discover and address barriers to peace, balance, and harmony in the home.

  • When choosing a new pet or bringing a new pet into your family.


When communicating with animals, it is best to use the language of the universe.  This means to speak in positives and follow it up with your body language.  

Example: If your animal has been peeing in an inappropriate place in your home you may say to your pet. 

"Don't pee inside"

What your animal hears:

"Pee inside"

Instead try saying:

"Pee outside"

Follow this up with praise when they accomplish the correct action.

The language of the universe omits the use of no, don't, and can't.

Say it with feeling! What do I mean? I mean if your body language and actions must match your words and thoughts! 

  • Most sessions are over the phone so we will start our session at our agreed upon time when you receive a call. 

  • Next we will set our intentions for our time together.

  • I will ask for permission to connect and once that happens we can start communicating back and forth!

I'm impressed by her ability to really connect to the animals! Jolene's communication with Sampson allowed me to spend extra time with him in his final days. I am grateful to have had the foresight Jolene provided me through her communication with Sampson. She is amazing! Thank you! 




My dog has dealt with separation anxiety for over a decade.  My goal of my visit with Jolene was to find out if I could do anything to ease the anxiety.  Since I've had her, when I would leave the house, Jade would pant, shiver and whine both when I left and returned.  During the first visit with Jolene I was given a few very simple changes to try.  The first day I made these simple changes, Jade immediately went  to lay in her dog bed when I left and did not follow me to the door.  All the other behaviors of panting, shivering and whining ceased on day one.  She continued to have a panicked energy when I would return.  After one more visit with Jolene, this has also stopped after a few weeks of making simple changes.  Now she is excited when I return home, but not panicked. 


Jolene definitely has a gift. She was spot on about Jade.  I had never used an animal communicator before, but would highly recommend her.  I feel that my entire relationship with Jade has beautifully shifted.  Worth it!




I felt Jolene communicated the essence of what Potter is feeling about the end of his life and his wishes for the time he has left. I have felt relief knowing there are a few simple things I can do for him in the time he has left and that he understands that my life has changed and I don't have the kind of time for him that I used to. I released a lot of grief, guilt and worry after my session with Jolene.


In addition, I would add that Jolene was very respectful of boundaries - both mine and my cats'. She is very ethical and does not make inappropriate "predictions", but reads the energy of the present situation and doesn't make generalizations about things she cannot know.